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  • Nick Mahlstadt

    Nick Mahlstadt

    co founder: @TheMoveProject | Director: @Acts2Collective - Social Entrepreneur

  • Nonprofit Tech for Good

    Nonprofit Tech for Good

    Mission: To promote nonprofits doing great work in the world and to share useful nonprofit technology advice and tools.

  • justcoz


    Help a worthy cause spread the word. Join our growing community of nonprofits and passionate supporters.

  • Jade Floyd

    Jade Floyd

    Senior Director of Communications @CaseFoundation + @Revolution Venture Capital | Food + Wine + Design Addict | Tweets are c/o me

  • The G4 Alliance

    The G4 Alliance

    Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, & Anaesthesia Care - Advocating for the Neglected Surgical Patient

  • Grace Garey

    Grace Garey

    Connecting people @watsi

  • Katrina Crisostomo

    Katrina Crisostomo

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